responsive design

Services offered:

  • Visual identity
    • Logo
    • Graphic chart
  • Website
    • Landing Page
    • Content Site
    • E-shop
    • Application
    • Emailing
  • Printed documents
    • Brochure
    • Corporate Brochure
    • Activity Brochure
    • Business Cards

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We convert your designs into html documents and we insert them on your site.
Here is a partial list of best practices that we try to observe:

If your site respects the MVC design pattern, we can directly edit your templates. We implement solutions to easily maintain the changes by organizing.

View Template SASS SCSS LESS Compass Coffeescript

The use of browser detection solutions, standard templates, css frameworks, polyfill etc. allow to build solutions that are compatible with most of users.

HTML5 Boilerplate Modernizr HTML5shiv Bootstrap Foundation Polyfill

The responsive design adapts the layout of a website on smartphone, tablet, computer... It may be necessary to redirect those devices to a dedicated site for bandwidth and performance reasons.

Responsive design User-agent Mobile Friendly Home bookmarking Mobile application App store Google play

The integration of social networks allows to capture the influx from such platforms as Facebook, Twitter etc. thanks to the control of the display of its site thereon. The visitor should be encouraged to share the contents he loves in order to increase the visibility of the website.

Facebook Google more Pinterest Twitter LinkedIn Viadeo Tumblr Instagram

Because we are not all equal to disability, we try to ensure that the elements we integrate are accessible to blind and visually impaired. The content must be zoomed in and readable by a screen reader.

Screen reader Keyboard Navigation Semantic HTML Web ergonomics

Browsing speed on a website can satisfy visitors and is taken into account by the search engines. Images should be optimized and progressive, scripts and styles compressed.

Progressive Jpeg Minification Asynchronous loading Caching Refactoring